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By Jack Goldstone

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A part of McGraw-Hill's Explorations in international background sequence, this short and available quantity explores one of many greatest questions of modern historic debate: how between all of Eurasia’s interconnected facilities of energy, it used to be Europe that got here to dominate a lot of the area. writer Jack Goldstone offers the argument because it stands in mild of updated study in order that readers can come to appreciate the technological and monetary inequalities among Europe and the remainder of the realm got here to be and choose for themselves the place the riding forces in the back of this phenomenon are taking us.

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We now know that this story is something of a myth. There were changes in English agriculture, to be sure, and they did produce higher output. But they were hardly a revolution, if by that is meant pushing productivity to historically new levels. As early as the Middle Ages, farmers in Norfolk county near the thriving commercial city of Norwich had produced as much as 25 bushels of wheat per acre by planting clover and other fodder crops to feed sheep and using the sheep manure as intensive fertilizer to increase their yield of barley and wheat.

11 CHANGE OR REVOLUTION? AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL CHANGE BEFORE 1800 For many years, school children in Europe and the Americas were taught that the rise of the West began in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In this period, England was said to have created an agricultural revolution that boosted agricultural productivity to unprecedented levels. This increase in agricultural production was then said to have provided the basis for feeding large numbers of workers in manufacturing, who toiled in new water-powered factories to spin bale upon bale of cheap cotton thread that undercut competitors worldwide and thus launched the Industrial Revolution.

In India, Brahmin religious elites teamed up with warriors and kings to maintain the social order, while in China Confucian elites supported the Chinese emperors. In the Muslim lands, Koranic scholars and judges supported the authority of ruling shahs and sultans, who in turn granted privileged status to the Muslim religion and Muslim institutions. And in Christendom, priests and bishops served, and were preserved by, kings, dukes, tsars, and princes. Also in almost all regions, the temples and churches of the major religions amassed considerable wealth, and their leaders acquired great influence in affairs of state.

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