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97, note 2. Azm'l,na, II, 275, ascrIbes the verses to one Humald at-Tus! who wIshed to eulogIze 'Ali b. Jabala (I). ,aw'll. 101. Frg. 7,8 of the present wrIter's edItIOn, Onentalw, n. , XIX (1950),62-3. Sull, AT, p. 20, Agdn~, XXI, 120 (vs. tal); Muntahal, p. 180; J;fusri, III, 363, 'Umda, II, 170; Barh al-madnun, p. 170; NuwaIrl, III, 81 (vs. 2) and 182; Bawlnd, p. 18b; Daudpota, op. , p. 97, note 2 BasU. 102. Diwdn, Constantmople, 1300, II, 1891°; Silli, AT, p. 21. Kam'l,l. 103. 14. Tawil. 104.

Further ImitatlOns are hsted by J;iul;lri, I, 16-17. 47. Imitated by al-J;iariri (d. 1122), Assembltes, ed F. Stemgass, London 1897, p. 563 • 48. Qurada, p. 15, conSiders this phrase mapproprlate. 49. 31; Kam~l. The poet flourished ca. 600-610. Cf. Mufaddahyyat, II, 161. 50. 10. Tawil. Abu Tammam Habib b. Aus died III 846. 51. Sari'. 52. Ramal. 53. Famous phIlologIst, d. 831. 54. Celebrated phIlologIst, d. 825. 55. Hammad ar-Rawtya, collector of ancient poetry, d. 771 or 774. 56. Abu 'Amr b. al-'Ala' al-Mazmi, one of the founders of Arabian philology, d.

The poet IS I;lagr b. 'Amr, the brother of al-ljansa', who died before 620, perhaps as early as 607; cf. El, II, 901. Hamasa, I, 489; Kam~l, p. 744; Agani, XIII, 145; $m, p. ). Tawil. 215. Qur'an 16 55,56. 216. Mehren, p. 169, tram,latesFormgleichhe~t: the last words of a colon agree 10 structure but not In rhyme. It IS curious that al-Baqiliani alone of hIS contemporarIes should use thIS term whICh later became popular, cf. Mehren, pp. 169-70. Nuwmrl, VII, 105, calls the fIgure al·mutawazm. Cf.

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