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Manner. Description 42 Internodes very short, show reduced growth. Taino tomato mottle virus (TtoMoV) The symptoms are identical to those of TYLCV. Description 42 Plants very stunted. Description 42 Tomato leaf crumple Marked leaf rolling and deformities; the leaf appears wrinkled and shows virus (TLCrV) – ‘chino chlorotic mottling. del tomate virus’ (CDTV) would be linked to the same viral species Probably Bemisia tabaci. Bemisia tabaci. Not transmitted by seeds, nor by contact. Description 42 Tomato leaf curl virus The leaflets are small, chlorotic and rolled.

265). In tobacco, the disease is mainly observed in wet and poorly ventilated soils, especially those that are warm, with a neutral or alkaline pH and sometimes inadequately fertilized, especially in nitrogen. It seems impossible to eradicate this physiological disease on this plant. During the next planting, one can always suggest drainage of the plot, and the avoidance of excessive addition of chemicals which increase the pH of the soil, ensuring a balanced fertilization and optimal irrigation to avoid situations of asphyxiation.

Transmitted by B biotype of Bemisia tabaci, B. argentifolii, in a persistent manner. Eggplant yellow mosaic virus (EYMV) Leaflets curve and roll gradually and have irregular chlorotic spots. Bemisia tabaci Description 42 Symptoms similar to those caused by TLCV and TYLCV, and Begomovirus. Indian tomato leaf curl virus (IToLCV) Small, chlorotic, curved, rolled leaflets. Stunted plants when infected early. Bemisia tabaci (biotype B in particular) in a persistent manner. Serrano golden mosaic virus (SGMV) Inter-vein chlorosis of young leaflets, the apex of the plants may become necrotic.

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