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By Michael Oke

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Due to the fact that establishing certain Biographies in 1991, Michael Oke has in my view assisted with the writing of over a hundred inner most autobiographies. His consumers aren't the wealthy and well-known, yet these trying to write their tales for friends and family to take pleasure in. Mike's past bestselling e-book Writing Your existence tale attracted a lot media curiosity, together with a characteristic with Steve Wright, Radio 2. as well as his paintings with person consumers, Mike lectures generally, runs workshops and looks frequently within the media.

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Woe betide us if we were taken for a ride. Money Whilst writing about shops, you might like to include something about the money you remember: large white £5 notes; £1 notes; ten shilling notes; crowns; half-a-crown; florins, two bob; one shilling; sixpence, a tanner; threepenny bits - (silver 'Joeys' or 12-sided copper ones); pennies, halfpennies and farthings. There were: 2 farthings to a halfpenny; 2 halfpennies to a penny; 12 pennies to a shilling; 20 shillings to a pound; 240 pennies to a pound; 960 farthings to a pound!

40 Times of Our Lives Case study - Ken Baxter At this time International Stores were a chain of good oldfashioned grocery shops. This was well before the advent of supermarkets, and the emphasis was always on good service. The customer really was king and his or her every need was our concern. Indeed, it was a sackable offence to talk to a colleague and ignore a customer, especially if that customer walked out without buying anything. After all, the Co-op was just over the road and they would be more than happy to poach any of our disgruntled customers.

The number and variety of shops you frequented will depend on where you lived, but select those of particular interest and that evoke special memories. ; how sugar, tea, butter, etc. were wrapped up, and the dexterity of the assistant in performing these tasks; the type of delivery system offered, if any; how the various products were arranged, for example, paraffin next to the bacon, and how the flies were kept away ... if they were; the form of address adopted by the shop staff/owner and the customers; the form of address adopted between the owner and any staff; how, as a child, you often had to wait because adults were always served first, even if they arrived after you; how payment was made, especially if it involved a system of wires across the ceiling; whether pins were ever given instead of a farthing change; what the system was regarding credit or 'tic'; whether they accepted Provident Cheques; if it was a Co-op, what your mother's 'divi' number was; what you always coveted but could never afford.

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