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Of glacial acetic acid. Volutin (metaphosphate) stains red with this stain while basophilic proteins stain light blue A large loop of the sediment from a centrifuge tube is introduced into 10 drops of the dye in a 4 x 1/2 inch test tube and allowed to stand about 20 minutes. It may stand over-night without harm. The suspension is centrifuged and the cells mounted in the same fluid imder an 18 nrmi. cover slip, blotted, and sealed with paraffin. The glacial acetic acid in the stain prevents complete overstaining of the cytoplasmic ribose nucleoprotein.

The success of this method depends on critical control of destaining. After the water rinse, methylene blue is used as a counterstain. This procedure stains the spores red and the vegetative cells blue because the waxes or lipoids in the spore retain the carbol fuchsin which is washed out of the vegetative cells since they contain no wax. The blue counterstain is incapable of staining the waxy spores so it does not cover the red stain. idly in 30 The slide DELAFIELD SPORE STAIN A drop of cell suspension containing spores is placed on a small drop of Delafield's haematoxylin added and covered with a cover glass.

The centrosome in old cells is made visible by Lugol's if the C3rtoplasm is not too dense; it stains yellow brown and has the appearance of being surrounded by a membrane, fig. 5-2. The vacuole may be either a single round body or a lobed structure with numerous interconnections. Lugol's makes the vacuole visible in cells in which it is surrounded by glycogen, and therefore concealed, before applying the stain. Cells without glycogen stain golden yellow. The nucleolus often appears in cells stained by Lugol's.

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