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By Butler Shaffer, Butler D. Shaffer

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Western Civilization--the American model in particular--is in a really turbulent and, probably terminal situation. The feel of civility that is helping supply aspiring to a "civilization" is in complete retreat. Butler Shaffer has, over the process a number of years, written fifty one extraordinary essays watching the dissolution of Western tradition and civilization. they've been assembled within the The Wizards of Ozymandias a charming paintings jam-packed with pleasing epigrams and anecdotes, in addition to enlightening observation on present occasions, and old episodes, that might retain you engaged and immersed from the 1st to final web page. Shaffer's highbrow prowess and deep good of existence adventure enlightens and rouses introspection at each flip. it's instantly obvious that the writer has been writing on legislations, economics, and background for many years. This publication will problem you to extra deeply consider the beliefs of liberty. The name will be foreboding, yet for all that, the publication is an uplifting and satisfying learn. In his nice poem "Ozymandias" Percy Shelley images for us the eponymous tyrant whose conceitedness of energy couldn't keep him from ancient oblivion. Ozymandias is a reminder of the delicate nature of each procedure be it organic, institutional, or cosmic in personality. As we're studying from the complex path in heritage during which we look now to be enrolled, this precariousness additionally applies to civilizations. it's tricky for clever minds to doubt that this present method is within the strategy of becoming a member of Ozymandias within the dust-bin of heritage. Western tradition has produced fabric and religious values that experience performed loads to humanize and civilize mankind. regrettably, it has additionally produced highly-structured associations and practices that not just bog down, yet opposite those life-enhancing traits. Is it attainable for us to energise our intelligence so one can rediscover, within the particles of our death civilization, the considered necessary parts for a essentially remodeled tradition grounded in unfastened, peaceable, and efficient structures that maintain instead of lower lifestyles? within the advent Shaffer describes how civilizations are created by means of members. In following chapters, he explains how they're destroyed by way of collectives that are stable for little greater than the destruction of what others have created. visible within the sharp contrasts among marketplace economies and country socialism; the elemental struggles are among the artistic energies unleashed via liberty, and the repressive forces of politics. Shaffer explores the impression that institutionalism can have at the decline of civilization. Shaffer methodically takes the reader throughout the upward thrust and decline of Western civilization utilizing references that diversity from the development of an Islamic cultural heart a couple of blocks from the positioning of the previous global alternate middle, to the BP catastrophe, to the 1951 movie, The Day the Earth Stood Stilland directly to experiments in removal highway symptoms and site visitors lighting. what's more likely to stick to from this drawing close decline and fall? may well the remnants of our terminal tradition like an property bequeathed us via a wealthy benefactor give you the foundations for a essentially reworked tradition; one who doesn't cannibalize itself? Can stipulations of peace and liberty substitute the wars, coercive rules, and worship of violence that experience mixed to smash our current civilization? The publication ends with such questions, and invitations the reader to think about how one of these life-centered tradition may possibly come up. If after interpreting this e-book you're not confident that the autumn of western civilization is upon us, do not grieve simply but! Shaffer is confident that one of these cave in may be the turning aspect for a social transformation towards a society that embraces person li

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CHAPTER 3 Consuming Our Capital It must be admitted that there is a degree of instability which is inconsistent with civilization. But, on the whole, the great ages have been unstable ones. —Alfred North Whitehead A sure-fire sign of a business enterprise in decline is when it begins using its invested capital to pay operating expenses. Such signs of ill-health are not confined to the world of commerce and industry, but can exhibit themselves in the life of any system. We are witnessing the practice in the collapse of Western Civilization, as we scurry to meet short-term demands by sacrificing the foundations upon which our culture has long been grounded.

The antisocial conduct of the few is met with ostracism, boycotts, and other refusals to deal. : Liberty Press, 1979), pp. 101 ff. 6 · The Wizards of Ozymandias But most institutions tend to be uncomfortable with liberty, for the processes of change that are implicit therein run counter to their purposes of a structured permanency. Because of their size and scope of operation, institutions deal with people on a mass, rather than individualized, basis. As our world becomes more institutionalized, standardization and uniformity become more dominant values.

In the dynamics of the marketplace we find the most vibrant expression of the creative, lifesustaining nature of resilient behavior. When institutional interests conspire against change, they have declared themselves to be in a state of war with life itself! But you and I are part of this same life force, and our resiliency may be the means through which our civilization reenergizes itself and allows all of the institutional entropy to work its way out of a fundamentally new social system. Just as the creative energies of the Industrial Revolution replaced the rigidly structured and stultifying system of feudalism, our present civilization may—if you and I are up to the task—transform itself into an even more productive society.

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