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By David M. Miller

ISBN-10: 0124968600

ISBN-13: 9780124968608

The knowledge of the Eye is a survey of the most important options underlying the various uncomplicated sciences on the topic of the human eye and visible mind in a single quantity, utilizing anecdotes and at the very least hugely technical language to stress the details. This booklet offers an updated remedy on how the attention and visible process paintings to assist us see, interpret what we see, and converse what we consider. It additionally examines how this description of the visible method teaches us extra approximately ourselves.

Key Features
* Written in a effortless kind, absent of jargon
* Humanizes imaginative and prescient examine utilizing anecdotes
* makes use of many unique illustrations and examples to illustrate concepts
* presents a synthesis of many disciplines together with ophthalmology, optometry, and simple science
* offers the visible process constantly within the context of its survival advantages
* Covers a wide selection of issues together with baby imaginative and prescient, grownup retinal photo, animal imaginative and prescient, eye accidents, refractive parts, the attention as a transmitter and receiver of data, optical illusions, colour, visible information, and extra

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When the eagle was asleep, the attendants propped it up in a photographic biomicroscope, and we were able to look at the anterior components of its eye. 3 What struck us as being the most unexpected feature was the crystal clear cornea. As opposed to the mild light scattering from the fibers and keratocytes distributed within the human comea, the eagle's fibers scattered no light and had almost no cells. 2). The second feature that surprised us was that its pupils did not get smaller as the bright light was shown in its eye F!

W i t h o u t g o g g l e s , the w a t e r j u s t a b o u t c a n c e l s the f o c u s i n g p o w e r o f the c o r n e a , t l e a v i n g o b j e c t s in the u n d e r w a t e r w o r l d blurred. 33x). , The cornea is a focusing element for two reasons. First, it has a convex surface. Second, it has a refractive index greater than air. Actually, its refractive index is similar to water. Thus, when underwater, the surrounding water on the outside and the aqueous humor inside the eye combine to neutralize the cornea's focusing power.

When this happens, light is scattered or splashed about, as it passes through the lens. The result is a cloudy lens, known as a cataract, which blurs the retinal image. A number of years ago, my colleagues and I were working on an optical filter that had the effect of neutralizing the scattered light produced by the cataract. Although we never were able to construct a filter that could be worn in a pair of spectacles, we did prove the principle of the filter in the lab. We were able to take a cataract surgically removed from a patient, mount it on a laboratory optical bench, and neutralize its blurring effect with the filter.

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