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The stabilizer of a face consists of four rotations around the axis that goes through the center of that face. Hence, K has 24 elements. The order of many finite groups can be found using variations on this idea. 2. Suppose we have a finite group G such that jGj is prime. Then, since jGj has no proper divisors, G has no proper subgroups, and is therefore cyclic. 3. If jG1 j and jG2j are relatively prime, the only homomorphism from G1 to G2 is the trivial one. 6 Double cosets If H x is a right coset and g 2 G, then H xg is also a right coset.

One could also try to reverse all the arrows to get the definition of a “cogroup object” (in a category that has finite sums and an initial object). A “cogroup” would then be a cogroup object in the category of sets. As far as we know, this has not proved to be a useful concept. 4 Orbits and Stabilizers In this section we look more carefully at group actions, define orbits and stabilizers, and obtain one of the more important counting theorems in group theory. For the whole section, we will work with a group G that acts on a set X.

The morphisms in the category of posets are the order-preserving functions. Given a partially ordered set, we can define least upper bounds and greatest lower bounds. 3 Let S be a partially ordered set and let T s 2 S is the supremum or join of T if S . We say for any t 2 T we have t Ä s, and if x 2 S has the property that t Ä x for all t 2 T , then s Ä x. If T D fa; bg has two elements, we write a _ b for the join (if it exists). We say s 2 S is the infimum or meet of T if for any t 2 T we have s Ä t, and if y 2 S has the property that y Ä t for all t 2 T , then y Ä s.

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