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Rise of the West is an epistemology of these issues dearest to the Nationalist: his previous, his spirit, his blood, his technics and, most vital, his destiny. With such a lot of of Western man's life-force being denied him, and the vestiges of what was once hard-won now being methodically, and irrevocably misplaced to the machinations of what the writer calls, the trendy, the increase of the West seeks to stroll the reader via racial, and extra particularly, [our] american racial historical past, in a fashion which either elucidates, and turns into an highbrow primer for the values, mores, and ideas that are top expressed as Race-Culture, that which turns into our "will to precise" and the very extension of our have to continue to exist, and live to tell the tale intact, preserving the legacy of existence left to us by means of our mum and dad.

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He presses not, in any direction, steadily or firmly in the direction of his survival; he apologizes not only for what he is, but also for what went before; his children know not whom their Fathers were, or the dreams they lived by. Yes, Western man is ashamed. But is he guilty? Must Western man demand and receive his untimely death/suicide? Must the West cease to exist because her sense of Destiny has made her the most beautiful of the families of man? Does the West accede to the demands of the masses that we become the same as they?

From the primitive beginning, the origin of all culture has been the prerequisite of homogeneity; and in the collective sense, the individual, the tribe, and the nation were finalized as the Race-Culture. Once finalized, the race-culture as both mass and individual, lended stability to the now organized organism. It protected the individual as never before; he in turn now ready to protect the extension of himself: that of race and nation [even if confined only to geography]. This protected, also, the culture from the outsider who, for better or worse, was now seen as not being a part of the individuals instant group.

Each distinct Race. This is self-evident to any but the Modern. He is blind. Yet, it is precisely this constant amalgamation, this conglomerate, which forms the literal body of each specific culture. It is this mass, like the individual, which wills its direction; it is this organic [will to express] momentum that decides its modes of conduct and attaches itself to known history; it is the link to the past, present, and future. This organism, this whole, is the race-culture of Western Man. This embodiment of the race-culture has soul [spirit], it has body [physical extension], and it has a life-force [blood], which flows in the bodies that are Western.

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