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The tale of the Moors in Spain “reads like a dream.” lower than their rule, thrift and prosperity prevailed through the state. “Palatial towns rose lower than their hand. Aqueducts, rivaling these of the Roman Campagna, introduced the streams from the mountains to urban and box. nice districts, certainly sunburnt and barren, have been made via skilful irrigation to blossom into terrific fertility. lower than their rule Spain was once a wealthy, a wealthy, and, to an outstanding measure, a contented land. abundant profit in their monarchs enabled them to adopt and whole works of regal attractiveness, of which the fashionable Alhambra and the Mosque—now the Cathedral—of Cordova, with its thousand pillars of variegated marble, but ultimate after the desolations of centuries, are outstanding examples. . . . Their universities have been of such famous person that scholars from all Christian lands eagerly repaired to them. . . . In poetry and chic literature, they attained no inconsiderable success.” This ebook is especially skilful and fascinating presentation of that extraordinary and adventurous story. The reader will specially price the varied first-class illustrations and the abundant quotation of the tale of the Cid. The writer's sympathies are completely, and maybe deservedly, with the Moors opposed to the Christians, very little realize being taken of the vices of slavery and of the harem inseparable from Moslem civilization. "The actual memorial of the Moors is seen," he says, " in desolate tracts of utter barrenness, the place as soon as the Moslem grew luxuriant vines and olives and yellow ears of corn; in a silly, ignorant inhabitants, the place as soon as wit and studying nourished; within the common stagnation and degradation of a humans which has hopelessly fallen within the scale of countries, and has deserved its humiliation." So, too, the critic might upload, has fallen the as soon as wonderful civilization of Morocco, Algiers, and Tunis. The ebook furnishes a good blend of good wisdom and literary grace. Lane-Poole writes: "THE historical past of Spain bargains us a depression distinction. Twelve hundred years in the past, Tarik the Moor extra the land of the Visigoths to the lengthy catalogue of kingdoms subdued by means of the Moslems. for almost 8 centuries, lower than her Mohammedan rulers, Spain set to all Europe a shining instance of a civilized and enlightened country. Her fertile provinces, rendered doubly prolific through the and engineering ability of her conquerors, bore fruit an hundredfold. towns innumerable sprang up within the wealthy valleys of the Guadelquivir and the Guadiana, whose names, and names in simple terms, nonetheless commemorate the vanished glories in their previous. artwork, literature, and technology prospered, as they then prospered nowhere else in Europe. scholars flocked from France and Germany and England to drink from the fountain of studying which flowed simply within the towns of the Moors. The surgeons and medical professionals of Andalusia have been within the van of technology: ladies have been inspired to dedicate themselves to severe learn, and the girl physician was once no longer unknown one of the humans of Cordova. arithmetic, astronomy and botany, heritage, philosophy and jurisprudence have been to be mastered in Spain, and Spain on my own. the sensible paintings of the sphere, the clinical tools of irrigation, the humanities of fortification and shipbuilding, the top and so much complex items of the loom, the graver and the hammer, the potter's wheel and the mason's trowel, have been delivered to perfection by way of the Spanish Moors." CONTENTS: I. THE final OF THE GOTHS II. THE WAVE OF CONQUEST III. the folk OF ANDALUSIA IV. a tender PRETENDER V. THE CHRISTIAN MARTYRS VI. the nice KHALIF VII. THE HOLY struggle VIII. town OF THE KHALIF IX. THE major MINISTER X. THE BERBERS IN strength XI. MY CID THE CHALLENGER XII. the dominion OF GRANADA XIII. the autumn OF GRANADA XIV. BEARING THE pass

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From the dominium mundi to the assertion of the states With the collapse of the empire after the death of Frederick II, then the Great Interregnum (–), the thirteenth century marked the end of the imperial dominium mundi. Everywhere, civil and canon lawyers made a case for the rediscovered sovereignty of their own country and made the famous formula, rex in regno suo imperator est (the king is emperor in his kingdom), victorious from Sicily to England. Then began a threefold evolution which dominated the reorganisation of the states of the west.

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