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An incredible reference for either clinical scholars and potential mom and dad, The Pregnant physique e-book seems on the nature of human being pregnant, together with how its replaced via evolution, and explores the anatomy and body structure of either the reproductive structures. reading the advance of the infant within the womb and the parallel alterations within the moms physique and dependent to stick with the method week through week, The Pregnant physique publication follows each anatomical and physiological switch and tracks it in extraordinary element. particularly commissioned 3D works of art, illustrations, scans, and images exhibit precisely how a toddler alterations and grows while pregnant, and the way the feminine physique adapts to hold it.

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The vagina also allows menstrual blood and tissue to leave the body during menstruation. The vaginal wall is made up of an outer covering, a middle layer of muscle, and an inner layer of epithelium that is formed into ridges (rugae). The surface does not produce secretions itself but rather is lubricated by secretions from the cervix. The vagina contains natural VAGINAL RUGAE The ridges of the vaginal lining, known bacteria, which creates a very as the rugae, allow the highly elastic acidic environment; this helps walls of the vagina to expand during to protect against germs.

If fertilization fails to occur, the functional layer is shed and then rebuilt for the next cycle. DAYS IN CYCLE PHASES OF CYCLE 1 2 3 Functional layer of endometrium is shed during menstruation Functional layer regenerates to provide the perfect environment for implantation 4 6 5 7 FOLLICULAR 8 9 The egg (ovum) travels along the fallopian tube. If it is not fertilized, the corpus luteum has a lifespan of two weeks, after which it degenerates into a corpus albicans. As hormone levels decline, a new cycle begins.

Estradiol dominates the reproductive years. 16 Fat cells, or adipose tissue, produce a small amount of estrogen Ovarian follicles produce estradiol from puberty to menopause Placenta makes estriol during pregnancy Ovarian cortex Follicles in various stages of development are found here. THE ESTROGEN FAMILY The estrogens are a group of similar chemicals, three of which are produced in significant amounts: estradiol, estriol, and estrone. The levels of these hormones differ at various stages of a woman’s life, but the main one—estradiol—predominates throughout her reproductive life, from menarche to menopause.

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