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By Penny Simkin, Lisa Hanson, Ruth Ancheta

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This is often the 1st accomplished compilation of problem-based, low-priced, low hazard measures to avoid or deal with tough exertions. those measures are logically used earlier than higher-cost, higher-risk interventions. The publication is prepared in order that a hectic midwife can locate wanted info quick utilizing flowcharts, considerable illustrations, and minimum textual content offered in a scientific method of particular stipulations. The ebook additionally offers sections of extra specified textual content to be used while the reader has time to think about a similar issues extra deeply. The textual content is thoroughly tied to analyze resources, and integrates principles originating in either the scientific version and the midwifery version of delivery.

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Some of the strategies suggested in this book will lend themselves well to randomized controlled trials, while others may not. Perhaps readers will gather ideas for scientific study as they read this book and apply its suggestions. Some Important Differences in Maternity Care between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada This book is being published simultaneously in North America and the United Kingdom, where the approaches to maternity care are quite different from one another. It may surprise the reader to read about some of those differences, and it may also be interesting to learn that practices that are considered essential for safety in one country are considered ineffective or archaic in another.

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