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By David Sherman

ISBN-10: 1434845990

ISBN-13: 9781434845993

A U.S. Marine mixed motion Platoon in Vietnam; a unmarried Marine squad is found in Khung Toi, a Vietnamese village, operating with the preferred Forces -- the neighborhood defense force. jointly, the Marines and PFs shape CAP Whiskey eight. 3 of the Marines, utilizing the nom de guerres of Socrates, Captain Hook, and Sneaky Pete, become involved with a secretive and mysterious undertaking, assigned to assassinate NVA cadre in villages except their very own. The corporal often called Socrates is disturbed through the venture and attempts to back down it, yet unearths not anything yet extra unanswered questions. On one project, he and his males locate records detailing a deliberate significant NVA assault on CAP Whiskey eight. The Marines and their Vietnamese opposite numbers slightly have time to arrange for the most important struggle any of them have ever been in.

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Mad Greek radioed he was checking the bodies. Moments later heavy fire broke out, most of it the distinctive cracking of AK47s. "We need help," Sergeant Slaughter shouted over the radio. "Third base, hit their flank. " He didn't call for Hank's reaction force, it was too far away to get there soon enough to help. Captain Hook looked at Socrates, his barely visible expression was a demand that they go to the aid of the others. Socrates thought about the other VC he was certain were nearby to catch them when they moved.

He picked up one of the small jars the PFs carried their sauce in and poured half of it into his stew. Mad Greek, who was sitting next to Mister Spook, leaned over Mister Spook's aluminum mess dish and made retching noises. Mister Spook yanked his dish away from Mad Greek and folded his arms protectively over it. " Mad Greek looked at him seriously and said, "If you can eat nuoc mam on Beast's cooking, you can eat my barf. Anyway, I'm a corporal and you're a PFC. " He turned from Mister Spook with a superior expression on his face.

Motormouth and Hank didn't say anything, but Motormouth must have understood what it was about. Good thing this wasn't Japan or Formosa, they played baseball there as well and an eavesdropper might figure out what he meant. The Vietnamese didn't play ball, though, not baseball. Socrates grinned slightly, wondering what the PF leader made of the conversation. He'd find out later. Then he wondered how Sergeant Slaughter was going to react when he found out his patrol leaders were changing the plans without consulting him―especially when he was out there with them.

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