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Infertility impacts one out of six this present day. Dr. Lewis offers a groundbreaking substitute method of infertility, explaining how she used conventional chinese language drugs to regard her personal infertility, effectively conceiving and giving start to 2 youngsters.

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If there were problems with a woman's cycle, Western medicine would look to her hormones or uterus for the cause. In TCM, however, menstrual difficulties could be caused by problems with either the meridians or the Organs other than the Uterus. According to the Su Wen (Questions and Answers About Living Matter), written by Liu Wan Su, a woman cannot have a period unless she has a "communicating" Conception meridian and a "full" Penetrating meridian. * She also has to have enough Essence in her Kidneys, and enough Blood supplied by the Liver and Spleen.

She had been diagnosed with low circulating levels of thyroid hormone, but she hadn't yet agreed to go on any medication. When I interviewed Carla, I noticed her complexion was pale and yellOWish, her hair was thin and dry, her fingernails were brittle, and her eyebrows were missing over the outer half of her eyes (all symptoms of low-functioning thyroid). I asked her, "What are your sleep patterns? What is your diet? What happens premenstrually? " The interview revealed that Carla had a history of dietary allergies, hair loss, extreme fatigue, and migraine headaches.

Rather than looking at infertility simply as a problem with an ovary or a specific hormone, TCM teaches us that fertility is a woman's natural state from the time of menarche until she reaches menopause. Subfertility results from imbalances within the network of organs, hormones, and energy systems within a woman's body. These imbalances /19/ ~ THE INFERTILITY CURE stop her body from doing what it was meant to do: potentially conceive a child every time her ovaries release an egg. A TCM practitioner will investigate every aspect of a woman's health history and habits to determine which organs and meridians are out of balance, and then prescribe a regimen of acupuncture, herbs, exercise and/or dietary changes to restore equilibrium to her body.

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