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By Andrew C McCarthy

ISBN-10: 1594034958

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The actual possibility to the us isn't really terrorism. the true probability is Islamism, whose subtle forces have collaborated with the yank Left not just to undermine U.S. nationwide protection but additionally to shred the cloth of yank constitutional democracy—freedom and person liberty. In
The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America

, bestselling writer Andrew C. McCarthy bargains a harrowing account of ways the worldwide Islamist movement’s jihad contains excess of terrorist assaults, and the way it has came upon the right companion in President Barack Obama, whose Islamist sympathies run deep.

For years, McCarthy warned of America’s blindness to the Islamist risk, yet in
The Grand Jihad

McCarthy exposes a brand new, extra insidious peril: the government’s energetic appeasement of the Islamist ideology. With assistance from witting and unwitting accomplices out and in of presidency, Islamism doesn’t simply gas terrorism yet spawns America-hating Islamic enclaves in our very midst, progressively foisting Islam’s repressive legislations, sharia, on American existence. The innovative doctrine has made universal reason with an ascendant Left that still seeks radical transformation of our constitutional order. The diagnosis for liberty couldn't be extra dire.

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Sure, when Wright became an electoral issue for Obama, the candidate cast him aside, much as he had cast his Islamic heritage aside, pretending to have been absent or wearing earplugs during the Rev舗s more bombastic Sundays. 舡 Neocommunism is leftism liberated by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Many naively believed the Soviet demise would be a cautionary tale for the left, a warning against the hubris of big-government schemes to perfect man and society. The opposite, instead, is the case. David Horowitz, today舗s most eloquent and incisive observer of the revolutionary left, the movement in which he was raised and on which he turned so fiercely, offers a perfect diagnosis: Far from instilling humility in progressives舰, the collapse of socialism has revived their self-righteousness and reenergized their assault on the democratic West.

Stars of State and Screen 18. Flying Imams: The Sabotage Campaign in Action 19. No Stronger Retrograde Force Exists in the World 20. On Language 21. The Enclave of Minnesota 22. Back in the Fold 23. Isolated Extremists Epilogue Notes Index Fight those who believe not In Allah nor the Last Day, Nor hold that forbidden Which hath been forbidden By Allah and His Messenger, Nor acknowledge the Religion Of Truth, from among The People of the Book, Until they pay the Jizya* With willing submission, And feel themselves subdued.

7 For argument舗s sake, though, let舗s pretend this thought never crossed Obama舗s mind. 舡 It is, after all, a name straight out of Islam舗s glorious lore. Hussein, Mohammed舗s grandson, was a central figure in the triumphant campaigns of Islam舗s original 舠rightly-guided舡 caliphs. His is among the most common names in the Muslim world. As Obama deployed it, Hussein was not merely a name. It was a cipher. The sleepy American press would not break the code, but antiwar leftists in America and their Islamist allies worldwide instantly got the message.

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