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By P. J. Cotty, P. Bayman, D. S. Egel, K. S. Elias (auth.), Keith A. Powell, Annabel Renwick, John F. Peberdy (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1489909818

ISBN-13: 9781489909817

ISBN-10: 1489909834

ISBN-13: 9781489909831

Agriculture, Aflatoxins, and Aspergillus; P.J. Cotty, et al. Biosynthesis of Aspergillus Toxins-Non-Aflatoxins; M.O. Moss. The Molecular Genetics of Aflatoxin Biosynthesis; J.W. Bennett, et al.Aspergillus pollution in Animal Feeding Stuffs; K.A. Scudamore. Aspergilli in Feeds and Seeds; J. Lacey. Antiinsectan results of Aspergillus Metabolites; D.T. Wicklow, et al.Aspergillus Spoilage; B.Flannigan, A.R. Pearce. business Fermentation and Aspergillus; A.G.Brooke. legislation of natural Acid creation through Aspergilli; C.P.Kubichek, et al.Aspergillus Enzymes and commercial makes use of; K. Oxenbol. business points of Soy Sauce and B.J. Fermentation utilizing Aspergillus; K.E. Aidoo, et al.Aspergillus and Fermented meals; P.E.Cook, G. Campbell-Platt. The ARpI Aspergillus Replicating Plasmid; J.Clutterbuck, et al. 15 extra articles. Index.

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1988) Differentiation of Aspergillus flavus from A. parasiticus and other closely related species, Trans. Brit. Mycol. Soc. 91, 99-108. N. and Mishra, RR. (1991) Effect of pollen on the saprophytic and pathogenic mycoflora of the phylloplane of paddy. Acta BotanicaIndica 19, 131-135. , Robnett, CJ. T. (1986) DNA relatedness among wild and domesticated species in the Aspergillus flavus group. Mycologia 78, 955-959. W. W. (1987) Aspergillus nomius, a new aflatoxin-producing species related to Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus tamarii.

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Although discovered nearly thirty years ago, the structure of aflatrem was not elucidated until 14 43 years later (Gallagher and Wilson, 1978), a reflection of its complexity and also possibly because its importance as a metabolite of A. flavus was overshadowed by the concern over aflatoxin. Aflatrem is almost certainly formed from tryptophan, geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate and mevalonate, with the loss of a methyl group during the formation of the polycyclic structure (see Figure 36). , 1980). Indeed paspalinine, which could be a precursor of aflatrem, has itself been isolated from an aflatrem-producing isolate of A.

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The Genus Aspergillus : From Taxonomy and Genetics to Industrial Application by P. J. Cotty, P. Bayman, D. S. Egel, K. S. Elias (auth.), Keith A. Powell, Annabel Renwick, John F. Peberdy (eds.)

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