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By Mikolaj Gladysz

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This publication investigates into the Polish participation within the Crusades to the Holy Land, in addition to the corporation of the crusade of preaching of the move and the gathering of assets for the help of the Crusades by way of the Church. via broadening the scope of enquiry to contemplate the applying of the motifs of crusading opposed to Poland’s pagan neighbours, neighborhood heretics or political competitors of the Church it presents conclusions which can curiosity the foreign reader. ultimately, it indicates the broader context of the Crusades, the effect of the crusading ideology on assorted parts of existence in medieval Poland – one of many international locations of ‘young Europe’ (to use J. Kłoczowski’s time period) – hence making an enticing contribution to our wisdom of ecu tradition within the 12th and 13th centuries. Forgotten Crusaders, being an try to take a much wider examine the relationships among Poland and the crusading move, consequently has the aptitude to make a worthy contribution to the nation of analysis.

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There are a number of other churches with dedications to St Gilles/Idzi, but they have yet to receive much detailed attention from scholars; See Zathey, “Z dziejów”, p. 298. 37 The role of Count Raymond in the First Levantine Crusade is discussed in detail in all serious works devoted to the beginnings of the crusading movement. It is worth noting that in the following years Provence regularly supplied contingents of crusaders to the campaigns in the Levant; cf. Runciman, A History, 2, pp. ; Riley-Smith, The First Crusaders, map 2.

Ze Â�szczególnym uwzględnieniem roli Pomorza Gdańskiego (Toruń 1968), p. , Studia z dziejów Pomorza, pp. 70–1. 27 We have evidence thaty Alexander maintained contact with his native diocese of Liège,28 and might therefore propose the hypothesis that on the borderlands of Mazovia in the middle of the twelfth century the ideals and slogans of the Crusades, brought from Lotharingia, gained a foothold. A second, and equally interesting phenomenon, worthy of attention in any examination of the links between Poland and the early crusading movement, is the topic of relationships between Poland and Provence.

39 Some of them, like Roger, the trusted capitaneus of Piotr Włostowic,40 probably came from countries which were affected by the crusading movement; also, thanks to them, stories about the heroic deeds of Frankish knights in defence of the Holy Land could have become well-known among their Polish brothers-in-arms. 41 After coming to Poland, before 1146, he settled in Chelmno land and organised the defence (probably in conjunction with Alexander, the Bishop of Płock mentioned above) against Prussian attacks.

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