The declaration of independents : how libertarian politics by Nick Gillespie PDF

By Nick Gillespie

ISBN-10: 1586489399

ISBN-13: 9781586489397

Pt. 1. the top of the realm as you recognize it: past duopoly -- The pit and the pendulum -- The Libertarian second -- pt. 2. The democratization of virtually every little thing, or case stories in making existence richer, more strange, and higher: stick with it rockin' within the loose global -- you're now unfastened to maneuver in regards to the kingdom -- The disorganization guy (and girl) -- upward push of the mutants -- We the media -- pt. three. Operationalize it, baby!: we're so out of cash -- Your brain, your overall healthiness, and your retirement are poor issues to waste -- The everlasting nongoverning minority

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As old-time Democratic hands such as Jesse Jackson yammered on about reaching out to poor white southerners, then Arizona governor and future Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano mumbled her way through vague martial metaphors every bit as dispiriting as the ballot results: “You can’t write off everything from Atlanta to California,” she moaned. ” The tentative trickle of Democratic doomsday books published in the run-up to 2004—such as What’s the Matter with Kansas? and Don’t Think of an Elephant—turned into a fire hose of liberal panic after King Bush’s triumphant second coronation.

And by enumerating three specific unalienables at the top of the don’t-tread-on-me list, these eighteenth-century hotheads laid out some intellectual bread crumbs for those of us looking for a fresh way out of the desultory state of American affairs in this to-date-disappointing twenty-first century. Note what Button Gwinnett, Cesar Rodney, Richard Stockton, and all the other signers did not include on the short list of worthy endeavors no government should thwart. The document says nothing about pursuing politics.

Kerry, but managed to earn a clear majority of the popular vote (the first time a president had done so since his dad had in 1988) plus even greater majorities in the House and Senate (a historical exception). For God’s sake, Bush, the first and only president not just to speak Spanish but actually to seem comfortable pressing the flesh with mestizos, even jacked up his Hispanic vote in his second election by a whopping twenty percentage points. Didn’t Republicans hate Mexicans? What the hell was going on?

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