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All of the company of the 5 countries accomplice Council might be carried out by means of the 2 mixed our bodies of accomplice Lords. First the query can be handed upon via the Mohawk and Seneca Lords, then it will probably be mentioned and glided by the Oneida and Cayuga Lords. Their judgements shall then be spoke of the Onondaga Lords, (Fire Keepers) for ultimate judgement.

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The cause of peace shall not die if you remember the Great Creator. Every Confederate Lord shall speak words such as these to promote peace. All Lords of the Five Nations Confederacy must be honest in all things. They must not idle or gossip, but be men possessing those honorable qualities that make true royaneh. It shall be a serious wrong for anyone to lead a Lord into trivial affairs, for the people must ever hold their Lords high in estimation out of respect to their honorable positions. When a candidate Lord is to be installed he shall furnish four strings of shells (or wampum) one span in length bound together at one end.

When the Thansgiving for the Green Corn comes the special managers, both the men and women, shall give it careful attention and do their duties properly. When the Ripe Corn Thanksgiving is celebrated the Lords of the Nation must give it the same attention as they give to the Midwinter Thanksgiving. Whenever any man proves himself by his good life and his knowledge of good things, naturally fitted as a teacher of good things, he shall be recognized by the Lords as a teacher of peace and religion and the people shall hear him.

Whenever a foreign nation is conquered or has by their own will accepted the Great Peace their own system of internal government may continue, but they must cease all warfare against other nations. Whenever a war against a foreign nation is pushed until that nation is about exterminated because of its refusal to accept the Great Peace and if that nation shall by its obstinacy become exterminated, all their rights, property and territory shall become the property of the Five Nations. Whenever a foreign nation is conquered and the survivors are brought into the territory of the Five Nations’ Confederacy and placed under the Great Peace the two shall be known as the Conqueror and the Conquered.

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