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By Thomas Cole, David Ross

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This booklet covers quite a lot of matters from Latin literature and language to textual historical past and feedback. E. D. Francis offers a historical past of the phrases prae and professional, as adverb, preposition and prefix. H. D. Jocelyn surveys the distribution and differing makes use of of quotations from Greek poetry in Cicero's prose writings and D. F. S. Thomson takes a clean examine the manuscript culture of Catullus. the remainder six articles take care of later authors and are divided both among the poets and the historians: a studying of Horace's Roman Odes and their relation to the opposite odes during which he addressed the Roman humans; an illustration of the inner coherence of a Tibullan elegy and Juvenal satires; a evaluate of disputed readings within the OCT of Livy IX; an research of the constitution of the prologues to the Annals, Histories and Agricola to solid mild on Tacitus' intentions; and a severe assessment of Tacitus' portrait of Germanicus, usually considered in a sympathetic mild yet debated by means of D. O. Ross.

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Pl. , Acc. ) , in grandiloquent contexts (cf. Rab. Post. XVI. 44, also in reference to Jupiter, Diu. 11. 1 8. , Scipionic Carthage, Balb. xv. 34) . Though the productive relation of impotens : potens could have doubtless suggested the analysis of prae- in praepotens as a separable (intensive) prefix, Cicero was apparently not influenced by this descriptive possibility. Thus the fact that he did not employ prefixational prae- as an intensive prefix meaning ' very ' - in addition to underscoring his preference for per- - suggests that he viewed praeclarus as an indivisible word parallel to praecipuus rather than as a construct of intensive prae- + clarus.

44. On the functions of praqicae, see E. Fraenkel, Plautinisches im Plautus (Berlin 1 922) , pp. 2 1 f. 45. Cf. n. 84. Most scholars derive praeco from *praedico (presumably based on *prai-dik-o-s) and invoke Plautus' praeco praedicat (Bacch. 8 1 5, Stich. I 94f. ) as support (cf. Leumann, p. 92, Walde-Hofmann 11 352) . On the other hand, it is somewhat hazardous to impute etymological sensitivity rather than mere paronomasia to this Plautine collocation. Ernout-Meillet (p. 530) suggest praiwokon- ( : uox) as a possible alternative.

74 and pp. 35f. ) , -cogito ( Sen. ) , -cipio, -cognosco, -colo, -damno, -destino, -disco, -dispono, -domo (Sen. ) , -finio (pp. 39f. ) , -floro (n. 7 8 ) , -jormo (Quint. ) , -gusto, -innuo (Varr. ap. Non. 9 I . 4, dub . ) , -iudico (cf. praeiuratio, Paul. ) , -iuuo (Tac . ) , -lego (Plin. ) , -libo (Stat. ) , -mando, -meditor, -mercor, -migro, -modulor (Quint. ) , - molior, -mollio (Quint. ) , -monstro, -narro, -nosco (cf. praenotio, p . 2 0 ) , -occido (Plin. ) , -occupo (pp. 39f. ) , -010, -paro, -ripio, -rogo, -scio, -scisco, -scribo, -sidero, -significo, -signo, -spargo, -sterno, -stino (cf.

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