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By Hans Crauel, Matthias Gundlach

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Offers an account of recent and up to date advancements within the thought of random and, specifically, stochastic dynamical platforms. Designed to rfile and, to some degree, summarize the present nation of the sector of random dynamical structures. DLC: Stochastic differential equations.

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They obtained a stochastic bifurcation scenario similar to the deterministic one. Arnold and Schmalfuß [3] add a nonlinear smooth perturbation to the drift term in (1) (see Example 2). Then they use a type of random fixed point theorem based on the negativity of Lyapunov exponents to state growth conditions on the perturbation under which the bifurcation pattern is preserved. In [14], Xu considers (1) and (2) with real noise and shows that under certain conditions this leads to bifurcation patterns differing from the deterministic ones.

Thus for (37) the question of stability along trajectories is exactly the same as the question of stability of the fixed point 0. In particular the corresponding ˜ and λ agree whenever λ > 0. Lyapunov exponents λ In this section we study this situation from the viewpoint of stochastic flows of diffeomorphisms. e. U0 (x) = a0 + A0 x for some a0 ∈ Rd and A0 ∈ L(Rd ), and the vector fields U1 , U2 , . . satisfy Uα (x) ⊗ Uα (y) = B(x, y) ∈ Rd ⊗ Rd (41) α≥1 where for all u, x, y ∈ Rd . B(x + u, y + u) = B(x, y) (42) We note that the collection U1 , U2 , .

E. f dL∗ ν = Lf dν. A similar statement holds for (P¯t ) and L. Let c ∈ I and m(dx) = ρ(x) dx on (I, B(I)) with ρ(x) = 2 exp 2 |σ(x)| x x c b(y) dy . σ 2 (y) (11) c Here we use the convention c · = − x · for x < c, valid for Lebesgue integrals. The σ–finite measure m on (I, B(I)) is called speed measure of ϕ. The speed measure of ψ is given by m(dx) = ρ(x)dx with ρ(x) = 2 exp 2 |σ(x)| x c −b(y) dy . σ 2 (y) (12) The speed measure depends on the real number c ∈ I. But the finiteness of m does not depend on c (see Karatzas and Shreve [11, p.

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