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Žižek calls for we take an extended, challenging examine the painful fact of schooling in modern capitalist society, and to actively search out its ‘trouble in paradise’: Why is it schooling is supposedly failing to satisfy the calls for of our society? Why is it there are checklist degrees of pressure for academics? Why is it there's a list point of proceedings from our collage scholars? How is it now attainable to match a better schooling path with a vacuum cleanser, toaster or tv? This e-book illuminates elements of Žižek’s rules which sheds mild into those sleek demanding situations and tensions in schooling, and considers other ways ahead. although Žižek frustrates up to he conjures up together with his personal recipe of Lacan, Hegel and Marx, this ebook goals to offer an access direction into Žižekian critique of schooling, a subject sector he very hardly ever without delay talks about.

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In our view, this sort of approach is about placing a ‘question mark’ over what we are reading or hearing, which is an invitation to possibly do both, more, and possibly neither. Sir Ken Robinson might agree with the spirit of Žižek’s ambition to offer forms of teaching and learning which enable new creative capacities to flourish in education, rather than ‘kill it’, if not, perhaps the vehicle and tactics Žižek uses (see TED 2015). This leads to another aspect of a Žižekian gaze on education: the close examination of antagonisms also feature in Žižek’s work through the use of contradiction, using a dialectical method.

And this is central to why we might notice ‘troubles in paradise’ but carry on regardless, even if we have been trained to question our own assumptions and engage in critical reflection—we are readily duped and tricked, and ‘being critical’ can even lead to the concepts we are seeking to dismantle taking an even tighter grip on us (Žižek 2006). This helps to explain why Žižek uses, some would say excessively relies upon, stories and jokes to illuminate and animate his ideas. In one reading of his approach, we might argue that much of his writing is not necessarily direct or clear in the point he is making (see some of the critiques at the end of this chapter).

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