Relaxation Processes in Micromagnetics (International Series by Harry Suhl PDF

By Harry Suhl

ISBN-10: 0198528027

ISBN-13: 9780198528029

ISBN-10: 1435620798

ISBN-13: 9781435620797

Electrons in solids behave like microscopic bar magnets, and in convinced solids those align to supply macroscopic magnetizations. This e-book bargains with the dynamics of this magnetization box. It addresses questions of microscopic mechanism merely to the level that residual interactions of the magnetic moments with different levels of freedom of the host stable impact the dynamics, quite the dissipative facets. a number of of those damping mechanisms are evaluated
here for his or her influence at the equations of the magnetization dynamics. This dynamics is intrinsically nonlinear. this is often vital within the purposes, quite magnetic recording, which includes very huge movement of the magnetization, way past the validity of linearized (small motion)
approximations or constrained extensions thereof. accordingly nonlinear answer tools are emphasised, yet with purely minimum use of numerical simulation. The e-book might be helpful to practitioners of magnetic recording, and to physicists learning magnetic phenomena.

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28) Combine these modes to form a narrow wavepacket Ψ = on k0 . 28) keep only terms with κ centered around 0. The frequency in the exponent is expanded: ωk0 +κ = ωk0 + κ · vg + 12 (κ · ∇k0 )2 ωk0 , where vg is the group velocity ∇k0 ωko . 28). 28). 28) were absent, the φ(κ) would be constants. 30) 2 q |φ| φ where, on the right hand side, only terms near the center of the packet have been retained. 31) For sufficiently simple geometries and/or dispersion relations, the “diffusion” term on the left hand side is diagonal, becoming proportional to ∇2x φ.

In our present problem, this means that, even if the infinite lattice is totally lossfree, the equation of motion for M in the infinite medium must include a loss torque. However, as we shall see, in the loss-free medium, that loss torque is irremedially non-local even when the lattice has finite viscosity; a moment expansion would be possible, were it not for non-locality introduced by the decomposition of ∇ · σ ˜ . 15) Here we require the retarded of the two possible solutions for gtr . ) For a simple derivation, see Jackson (1999).

In some situations, such as in ferromagnetic resonance at low signal levels, the magnetization vector precesses around a preferred direction with only a small angle of opening. The part m of M , transverse to the preferred direction, is then small, and the equations of motion may be linearized. In most applications, such as magnetic recording, the motion of the magnetization vector is large and the linearized theory is not immediately relevant. However, it frequently offers valuable insight into what to expect in more realistic situations.

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