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By Grace Andreacchi

ISBN-10: 1446133400

ISBN-13: 9781446133408

RAPHAEL AND TOBIAS is predicated upon the Biblical story a couple of boy and a puppy, a magic fish, a woman who is obtained a demon in love along with her, and the Angel who involves their rescue. informed in richly poetic language,highly dramatic, humorous and profound,it's appropriate for audiences of every age. An Andromache Books name.

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RAGUEL: Edna, come here! ] Directly we have eaten Make up the bridal chamber For Tobias is to marry our daughter. EDNA: What did I hear you say? ] And your cousin Tobit? What will you say to him When the boy lies dead under our roof? Have you not heard of his sorrow? He has already lost the sight of his eyes Will you rob him of his son as well? What will you say to him? What to the boy's mother? Is he not their only child? RAGUEL: Don't be afraid, sister! The merciful God will protect them. EDNA: The merciful God, the merciful God!

Before she took her first steps I'd crossed the heavens And watched the world grow old before its time Sickening on lust and sin. What would it be? To enter that stream To be caught in the current Turning to the music of time. To taste but once that earthly food Hunger, pain, desire... To see my children quicken and grow and die away Like flowers crushed beneath the wheel of time Like sweet flowers... Oh, you men! You fickle creatures! 26 You best-beloved children of the Lord Your earthly sorrows taste so wondrous sweet That all the splendours of Jerusalem Her ivory towers, her streets of gold Her sea of glass, her crystal walls Seem to me small beside this human love.

Tobias enters, observes Sarah at rest. He stirs up the fire in the brazier and places the fish's 45 entrails upon it. There is much smoke. ] TOBIAS: Sister, get up, and let us pray That the Lord may take pity on us And bring us safely through the night. ] TOBIAS: Lord, you made Adam And gave him Eve for a wife You saw that he was alone And you gave him a helper and a friend. TOBIAS & SARAH: TOBIAS: Blessed are you, Lord our God Who made the heavens and the earth Who made all creatures to his glory.

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