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A degree of selection fluctuating around a low average level will have much the same effect. Or for that matter, a higher level of selection operating for a shorter period of time could produce an equivalent result. If Population A is exposed for a few dozen generations to a situation making moderately increased demands on intelligence for survival—say, a climatic change or a major migration—and Popula­ tion B is not, an appreciable genetic difference could emerge between them. If agriculture places slightly more of a premium on intelligence than hunting and gathering—or if it places slightly less—groups whose times of transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture differ by thousands of years can be expected to differ in genes related 48 Part I Issues and Concepts to intelligence.

Sapiens) and race (Negroid or not). The skulls of western Eskimos are more distinctive in structure than those of most other groups of modern man. , with the Eskimo, while others are con­ vinced it is Cro-Magnon (Le Gros Clark, 1964). One anthropologist, Carleton Coon, has proposed that human races may predate H. sapiens. Coon (1962) proposes that five major races of modern man—Australoid, Capoid (Bushmen and Hottentot), Congoid (Negroid), Caucasoid, and Mongoloid—developed inde­ pendently and at different times from corresponding races of H.

Clones of asexual and some parthenogenic species are “ pure races” with numerous, often millions, of individuals that have identical genotypes. These, of course, are produced directly by equational cell division, and not by the sexual process of gamete formation and fertilization. In general, populations of a sexually reproducing species have a genetic structure that excludes the possibility that more than a few individuals will have identical genotypes (the exceptions being the individuals produced in monozygous multiple births).

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