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This quantity represents a reconstruction of Proto-Wintun, the guardian language of a bunch of California Indian languages. It contains a grammatical cartoon of Proto-Wintun, cognate units with reconstructions and an index to the reconstructions. The booklet fulfills a necessity for in-depth reconstructions of proto-languages for California Indian language households, either for theoretical reasons and deeper comparability with different proto- or pre-languages.

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Note the following forms: *-r, genitive case > P -y, pronominal genitive and inalienable possessive case Phonology 19 *p’uri, nipple; *p’uru, seep > PK p’oy, nipple, but PCC p’uri, a seep *qh ur, dislike > PCC kh uw…i, to hate, PH-U kuy…i, not like a food *8’ir, roast > PK 8’il-, 8’ir-, roast, scorch *§i·r§ir, sparrowhawk > PCC, K, T §it§it; PR §i…’it, SP §it’it *…’iri, distribute liquid substance > PR t’idi/u, sprinkle, squirt, but PCC t’irlaki, to sprinkle one time *xurxur, sugar > PK khuykhuy *lur, shin > PCC lu·l *lor, grind > PK lolth i/u, grind, but PCC and PR lori/u 265.

276. ph ::b *ph em ? *bam ? grasp in one or both hands; W bam, put, arrange, part (hair), carry, close with hands (cf. bam, fist); PCC phemtaro, carry (held in one or both hands, grasped); H-U (peru·) ph emta, choke (someone; lit. throat grasp). P may have Phonology 21 analogized with §emi/u-, hold in arms (see *§imit), but this does not explain the ph. Again, perhaps W has merged two originally separate roots. 277. w::n *nal ? *wal ? lick; W walikna·, animal to lick itself; sem walikna·, to lick one’s fingers; N-BW nal’-, nel’-, lick; PCC nala·ko, to take a taste of; K nal-, na·l-, lick; R nal-, lick.

260. Sound Changes: Patwin and South Patwin 261. ) q’ kh t th t’ … …h …’ s k kh k’ h t th t’ … …h …’ s k kh k’ If PW *xE existed, its P reflex h is of course not fronted. It is possible that a fronting of *xE originally resulted in P x, which was then replaced by h rather than merged with s from PW *x. 262. PK Aspiration In almost all sets with initial *k, PK shows aspirated …h where the other P dialects have the regular unaspirated obstruent. This may mean that K was in the process of merging … with …h.

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