Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America - download pdf or read online

By James Ostrowski

ISBN-10: 0974925381

ISBN-13: 9780974925387

America is death from an idea she basically dimly is aware, so-called "progressivism."  So, Jim Ostrowski, drawing on forty five years in politics, legislations and the freedom stream, deconstructs and demolishes the concept has ruled American existence for longer than any folks has been alive.  He lays the hidden premises of progressivism naked for all to work out after which exhibits how they've got ended in the harmful rules which are dragging the United States down.  Ostrowski exposes the psychological strength box progressives hold round that protects them from having to reply to for his or her multitude of coverage failures.  He additionally deconstructs progressivism's leader opponent for the final fifty years, conservatism and its marquis procedure, constitutionalism.  those ways have failed and crowded out progressivism's in simple terms conceivable adversary, actual liberalism: the proposition that humans have the usual correct to do as they need with what they own.  The booklet not just diagnoses what's wrong with the United States yet proposes various and special thoughts and strategies for what person americans can do instantly to conflict progressivism. often is the automobile for selling and coordinating these efforts.

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Imagine the chutzpah! Carl told him to go peddle his papers somewhere else. I joined the Liberty Movement in 1979 having discovered Murray Rothbard via Ayn Rand and Robert Nozick who cited Murray and tried to refute him in Anarchy, State and Utopia, a book assigned in Paul Kurtz’s course in political thought at the University of Buffalo. Thus, this book is the product of 36 years of intense involvement in the Movement in a variety of different capacities. Since the Liberty Movement is fairly new, dating from about 1968, I have been involved in it for the vast majority of its existence.

21] In recent years, there have been record numbers of people unemployed, collecting unemployment benefits and staying on unemployment longer. Scamming unemployment is a tradition now firmly ensconced in American culture. Seasonal and temporary workers routinely file for unemployment instead of working or seriously seeking employment. There is an amazing coincidence in many cases wherein the individual manages to get a job the week his or her unemployment benefits run out. All this is done openly with a complete absence of the shame that used to accompany idleness.

They require food, clothing and shelter on a daily basis. They are vulnerable to disease and illness and old age. They are physically vulnerable to attack and domination by other persons and especially large groups of persons who can kill, maim or enslave them at their whim. It is true on the other hand that human beings have remarkable abilities, most importantly their intellect, to overcome these obstacles and thrive. However, all such efforts involve labor, mental and physical, and labor necessarily is unpleasant.

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