James N. Thompson Jr, Jenna J. Hellack, Gerald Braver's Primer of Genetic Analysis: A Problems Approach PDF

By James N. Thompson Jr, Jenna J. Hellack, Gerald Braver


ISBN-13: 1397805218426

ISBN-10: 0521842689

ISBN-13: 9780521842686

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B) What proportion of the offspring would be expected to have the genotype SS GG Hh? (c) What proportion would be expected to be the genotype Ss Gg hh? 14. Referring again to the cross involving straight hair, golden brown fur, and hairy ears, how many different genotypes will be found among the progeny? 15. Hygienic behavior in honeybees is determined by two recessive alleles. Those homozygous for one of these recessives will uncap the brood cells of the developing bees killed by an infection of American foulbrood bacteria.

For the A locus, Aa × Aa, the probability is 1/2, as just stated. For the B locus, Bb × Bb, the probability is 1/2. For the C locus, cc × Cc, the probability is 1/2 (1/2 Cc:1/2 cc). For the D locus, Dd × DD, the probability is 1/2 (1/2 DD: 1/2 Dd). So, the overall probability is 1/2 · 1/2 · 1/2 · 1/2 = 1/16. 25. Taking the loci one at a time and assuming independent assortment, we have (1/2)(1/4)(1/4)(1)(1/4) = 1/128 and (1/2)(1/4)(1/4)(0)(1/4) = 0. 26. If we let K represent the dominant kinked-tail allele and k the recessive normaltail allele, the cross of two heterozygous guinea pigs will be Kk × Kk.

Protein that prevents the reannealing of DNA during replication 23. Term for the replicating fragments on the socalled lagging strand of DNA 24. Term for the single-ringed nitrogen-containing bases Down 2. Complex of proteins involved in the primer formation 3. Pyrimidine that is found in DNA, but not found in RNA 4. Term for the synthesis of DNA 5. Double-ringed nitrogen-containing bases 6. Enzyme that joins nucleotides together 8. One of the men that demonstrated DNA was the genetic material 18:59 P1: KAE 9780521842686c03 CUFX162/Thompson 0 521 84268 9 July 31, 2007 27 CROSSWORD PUZZLE 3 10.

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