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By Lisa Marie Rice

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Wish Winston will do whatever for a friend—even if it skill vacationing the world over to aid run an English language college in Italy.  whilst her reliable deed places her lifestyles at risk, wish is short of safeguard, yet she doesn’t wish safeguard from a cop. She has stable cause to mistrust them--so how is it that she's ended up drowsing with one?
 Head of the elite anti-mafia squad, Capitano Franco Rivera unearths the attractive American delectable yet dangerous.  He feels forced to guard her, even supposing she can not seem to cease stirring up trouble.
Hope wishes a keeper and Franco is simply the guy to maintain her…in his bed. 

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Let me. Hope looked up in surprise as a deep voice sounded behind her, somewhere above her head near the ceiling, it seemed. She’d completely forgotten about Marco. ” Hope stepped back, grateful to let him take over. Moving carefully and surely, he slipped an arm under Kay’s shoulders and one under her back and lifted her easily, holding her rock-steady while Hope straightened the sheet and plumped the pillow. When she finished, he gently eased Kay back on the bed. ” Hope smiled at him as he went back and propped his shoulder once again against the wall.

Hope was still exhilarated that it wasn’t drugs. “I don’t know, Kay. Maybe they were an ecological terrorist group. You use white flour,” she added accusingly. ” Kay smiled faintly. ” She sighed and turned her head. The smile was gone and worry darkened her eyes. ” She turned her free arm so that her hand lay palm up on the stiff hospital bed sheet. The other arm had an IV line running into it. ” she asked softly. Hope took the hand offered her and sat down with a sigh. “I don’t know, honey. I just don’t know.

He fell silent again. As the sun slowly rose over the sill and filled the small kitchen with light, the only sounds were the peaceful ones of cutlery clicking against plates. Watching him surreptitiously, Hope saw the exact moment when Rivera became fully awake, at his third cup. She decided to make her move. There were things they needed to discuss. ” She put cup down and stood up. ” She cleared the table and stacked the dishes in the sink. “Obviously, whatever’s going on is centered around this house.

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