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Magnetic nanoparticles that demonstrate excessive saturation magnetization and excessive magnetic susceptibility are of serious curiosity for scientific functions. Nanomagnetite is very fascinating since it monitors powerful ferrimagnetic habit, and is much less delicate to oxidation than magnetic transition metals corresponding to cobalt, iron, and nickel. For in-vivo functions, it's important that well-defined natural coatings encompass the nanomagnetite debris. it's rationalized that it will hinder any aggregation of the nanoparticles in-vivo, and will additionally allow effective excretion and safeguard of the physique from toxicity.

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The focus of this review will be on magnetite formation. However, because the mechanisms of stabilization are similar, maghemite procedures are included when the relevance of the research is justified. 1 Magnetite Magnetite crystal structure Magnetite (Fe3O4) has an inverse spinel crystal structure with face centered cubic unit cell [27] . [27, 59] . where oxygen ions are placed regularly in cubic close packed positions along the [111] axis Magnetite’s oxygen ion array contains holes partially filled with ferric and ferrous ions The unit cell is comprised of 56 atoms: 32 O2- anions, 16 Fe3+ cations and 8 Fe2+ cations [24] .

The attractive force decreases as the particles move away from one another proportional to l-6 [48]. The van der Waals attractive forces are a significant factor and must be countered with repulsive forces in order to prepare and maintain colloidal dispersions. Electrostatic or steric repulsion forces are two mechanisms used to balance the attractive forces and prevent particle aggregation. In electrostatic stabilization the surface of the particle is made to carry a charge and the particles repel each other if their proximity goes below a certain distance.

The Fe2+/Fe3+ is predicted to average out to a stoichiometric reagent mixture, because the hydrated Fe2+ salt oxidizes to Fe3+ 41 species. However, with properly deoxygenated solutions, the use of initially stoichiometric molar quantities of the two iron salts is preferred for pure magnetite formation and achievable using careful experimental techniques. Qui et al. investigated the dependence of the ionic strength of the reaction solution on the formation of magnetite. 5 nm smaller than those formed without its presence.

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