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Изображения: черно-белые фото, рисункиThis guide is the textual content on your education as a P-47N pilot and plane commander. The Air Forces1 so much skilled education and manager/ team of workers have collaborated to make it a whole exposition of what your pilot tasks are, how every one responsibility could be played, and why it needs to be played within the demeanour defined. The suggestions and approaches defined during this e-book are normal and needed. during this admire the handbook serves the twin goal of a coaching record and a operating guide. Use it to ensure that you research every little thing defined herein. Use it to review and evaluation the basic evidence relating every thing taught. Such extra self-study and assessment won't merely develop your education, yet will alleviate the load of your already overburdened teachers. This education handbook doesn't exchange the Technical Orders for the plane, so that it will constantly be your basic resource of knowledge in regards to the P-47N as long as you fly it. this can be primarily the textbook of the P-47N. Used adequately, it's going to enable you make the most of the pertinent Technical Orders to even better virtue.

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