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By Donat-P. Häder and A.M. Breure (Eds.)

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This quantity emphasizes the involvement of all aspects of biology within the research of environmentally managed flow responses. This comprises biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology and as a vital part of any method of a better knowing, body structure. The preliminary euphoria approximately molecular biology because the ultimate resolution for any challenge has faded and the sector consents now that in simple terms the mixed efforts of all aspects of biology will at a few day resolution the query posed greater than hundred years in the past: "How can vegetation see?". One end could be drawn from the present wisdom as summarized during this quantity. the reply will probably no longer be an analogous for all platforms.

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A. H~ider (1989). Effects of solar UV-B irradiation on photomovement and motility in photosynthetic and colorless flagellates. Environ. Exp. , 29, 273-282. 18. W. -P. H~ider (1994). Photomovement. In: R. M. , pp. 707-732). Kluwer, Dordrecht, Boston, London. 19. E. Feinleib (1980). Photomotile responses in flagellates. In: E Lenci, G. Colombetti (Eds), Sensory Transduction in Aneural Organisms (pp. 45-68). Plenum Press, New York, London. 20. G. Colombetti, R. Marangoni (1991). Mechanisms and strategies of photomovements in flagellates.

In addition, it is known that the photophysical properties and photochemical behavior of retinals in solution [51 ] are fundamentally different to those in the chromoproteins. In fact, the protein environment shortens so much the lifetime of the first singlet excited state in the chromoprotein retinal as to make intersystem crossing (a very important deactivation process in solution) unable to compete with fast isomerization. The conformation about the single bond attaching the [3-ionone ring to the polyene chain of the chromophore retinal is also tuned by the protein.

G. hypericin-derivatives: stentorin and blepharismin) which most likely undergo electron transfer as the primary photochemical process are also discussed. Abbreviations: cry l and cry2, cryptochrome 1 and 2, respectively; FTIR, Fouriertransform infrared; phyA and phyB, phytochromes A and B, respectively; Pr and Per, red and far-red absorbing forms of phytochrome, respectively; PYP, photoactive yellow protein. 1 General considerations The term photomovement comprises phototaxis, photophobic responses, and photokinesis in lower organisms [ 1] as well as phototropism and photonasty in higher plants.

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Photomovement by Donat-P. Häder and A.M. Breure (Eds.)

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