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T he many small descent g rou p s o f the Ata Tana ’ Ai are o rd e r e d b y p rin cipies o f pnecedence in to la r g e r , n o n localized clan s. Clans are o rd e re d within their domain b y relations determined b y th eir "h is to r ie s ", the oral tradition in which the hadat (custom s, law s, tra d ition s) are encoded and e x p re sse d in rituals that make u p , along with th e mutual obligations o f the variou s clans in their perform ance, the cerem onial system o f the Ata Tana 'A i.

The ñame given th eir valley b y its inhabitants, Tana 'A i, literally means "land o f forest" o r "land o f tr e e s " . A description o f the Tana 'Ai valley is thus an appropriate place to b egin an analysis o f the ways in which th e people who called themselves after the ñame o f their land divide th eir región , how th ey exploit its re so u rce s, and how the land­ sca p e, as a resu lt o f the liv es liv ed in it and in scrib ed on it , reflects th e cu ltu re o f its inhabitants. 2. T opogra p h y, ph ysical fe a tu r e s , and climate o f the Tana 'A i valley Napun Gété, the valley o f Tana 'A i, is a topographic anomaly in eastern F lores.

In Tana 'A i, the opposition o f forest and garden p rov id es one o f the principal axes o f metaphor in speech and is explicit in the physical arrangements o f the landscape and in ritual. F ig. 1. The agricultural and annual ceremonial cy cle 24 P eop le o f th e S o u rce H aving erossed the r ív e r and scaled the esearpm ent o f th e eastern w all, one d isco v e rs that v e r y little o f the dense arboreal c o v e r o f the lan d is prim ary fo r e s t ; most is mature secon d ary grow th in te rsp e rse d with fallow land in varxous sta ges o f reg en era tion .

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