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By Mrs. Alfred Gatty

ISBN-10: 1599150050

ISBN-13: 9781599150055

Parables for kids encouraged by way of nature. This assortment comprises all 29 tales from the 1st, moment, 3rd, and fourth sequence, initially released in separate volumes.

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Download e-book for kindle: Parables from Nature by Mrs. Alfred Gatty

Parables for kids encouraged by means of nature. This assortment comprises all 29 tales from the 1st, moment, 3rd, and fourth sequence, initially released in separate volumes.

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They had broken from the Butterfly's eggs! Shame and amazement filled our green friend's heart, but joy soon followed; for, as the first wonder was possible, the second might be so too. " she would say; and the Lark sang to her of the wonders of the earth below, and of the heaven above. And the Caterpillar talked all the rest of her life to her relations of the time when she should be a Butterfly. But none of them believed her. "—ACTS vii. 27. A FINE young Working-bee left his hive, one lovely summer's morning, to gather honey from the flowers.

Now the mother-bird would sometimes leave the little ones below, and go up into the branches to sing alone. At first she used to sing these ditties only when alone, but by degrees she began to let her little ones hear them now and then—for were they not going to accompany her? and was it not as well, therefore, to accustom them gradually to think about it? Then the little ones asked her where the Unknown Land was. But she smiled, and said she could not tell them, for she did not know. "Perhaps the great river is travelling there all along," thought the eldest child.

Bookworm. "Tell you what? I can tell you I see. I can say, Now I see, now I see, as I walk over you and see the little bits of you that fall under my small eye. Indeed, I can also tell you what I see; but how will that teach you what seeing is? " Zoophyte. " Bookworm. "Oh, pray, don't believe it! I don't know why you should, I am sure! There's no harm at all in being ignorant and narrow-minded. I am sure I had much rather you took no further trouble in the matter; for you are, both of you, very testy and tiresome.

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Parables from Nature by Mrs. Alfred Gatty

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