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By John Scalzi

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John Perry did issues on his seventy fifth birthday. First he visited his wife's grave. Then he joined the army.

The excellent news is that humanity eventually made it into interstellar house. The undesirable information is that planets healthy to survive are scarce-and extraterrestrial beings prepared to struggle for them are universal. The universe, it seems, is a adverse position.

So: we struggle. To guard Earth (a aim for our new enemies, may still we allow them to get shut sufficient) and to stake our personal declare to planetary genuine property. faraway from Earth, the struggle has long gone on for many years: brutal, bloody, unyielding.

Earth itself is a backwater. the majority of humanity's assets are within the arms of the Colonial militia, which shields the house planet from an excessive amount of wisdom of the placement. What's identified to all people is that after you succeed in retirement age, you could subscribe to the CDF. They don't wish adolescents; they need those who hold the data and abilities of many years of residing. You'll be taken off Earth and not allowed to come back. You'll serve a while on the entrance. And if you happen to live to tell the tale, you'll receive a beneficiant home stake of your individual, on one in every of our hard-won colony planets.

John Perry is taking that deal. He has simply the vaguest thought what to anticipate. as the genuine struggle, light-years from domestic, is way, a long way more durable than he can imagine-and what he'll turn into is way stranger.

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No offense,” he added quickly. “None taken,” Jesse said, and smiled. “Lady and gentleman,” Harry said, looking at the both of us, “we may think we have some idea of what we’re getting into, but I don’t think we have the first clue. This beanstalk exists to tell us that much. It’s bigger and stranger than we can imagine—and it’s just the first part of this journey. What comes next is going to be even bigger and stranger. ” “How dramatic,” Jesse said dryly. ” “I do,” I said, and scooted over to get out of the booth.

That’s a hell of a mental shock. ” Harry had spied me from the line. I waved him over. He and another man came, bearing trays. “This is my roommate, Alan Rosenthal,” he said, by way of introduction. Old Man’s War | 51 “Formerly known as Sleeping Beauty,” I said. “About half of that description is right,” Alan said. ” I introduced Harry and Alan to Susan and Thomas. “Tsk, tsk,” Thomas said, examining their trays. ” “Better throw Tom a couple bacon strips, Harry,” I said. ” “I resent the implication that I can be bought off with food,” Thomas said.

Jesse tugged on my sleeve and pointed to our right. In a small mess area, I caught a glimpse of something tentacled and blue, holding a martini. I alerted Harry; he was so intrigued that he went back and looked, much to the consternation of the trailing apparatchik. She shooed Harry back into the herd with a sour look 40 | John Scalzi on her face. Harry, on the other hand, was grinning like a fool. “A Gehaar,” he said. “It was eating a buffalo wing when I looked in. ” Then he giggled. The Gehaar were one of the first intelligent aliens humans encountered, in the days before the Colonial Union established its monopoly on space travel.

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