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Neutrosophy is a concept constructed in 1995 through Florentin Smarandache as a generalization of dialectic. This concept considers each thought or inspiration including its contrary or negation 'antiA' and the spectrum of 'neutralities' 'neutA' (i.e. notions or principles situated among the 2 extremes, assisting neither nor 'antiA'. The 'neutA' and 'antiA' rules jointly are known as 'nonA'. during this idea each concept has a tendency to be neutralized and balanced by means of 'antiA' and 'neutA' principles - as a country of equilibrium. consequently, neutrosophy relies not just on research of oppositional propositions as dialectic does, yet on research of those including neutralities in among them to boot. Neutrosophy used to be prolonged to Neutrosophic good judgment, Neutrosophic Set, Neutrosophic likelihood and Neutrosophic information, that are utilized in technical purposes. within the neutrosophic common sense each logical variable x is defined via an ordered triple x = (T, I, F), the place T is the measure of fact, F is the measure of fake, and that i the measure of indeterminacy, with T, I, F subsets of the non-standard unit period ]-0, 1+[. additionally, those values may possibly range over the years, house, hidden parameters, and so forth. Examples of Neutrosophy utilized in Arabic philosophy: - whereas Avicenna promotes the concept that the realm is contingent whether it is necessitated by way of its motives, Averroes rejects it, and either one of them are correct from their perspective. consequently and 'antiA' have universal components. - Islamic dialectical theology (kalam) selling creationism was once hooked up through Avicenna in a rare approach with the other Aristotelian-Neoplatonic culture. truly loads of paintings via Avicenna falls into the body of neutrosophy. - Averroes's non secular judges (qadis) may be hooked up with atheists' believes. - al-Farabi's metaphysics and normal idea of emanation vs. al-Ghazali's Sufi writings and mystical treatises [we might imagine a couple of coherence of al-Ghazali's 'Incoherence of the Incoherence' book]. - al-Kindi's mix of Koranic doctrines with Greek philosophy. - Islamic Neoplatonism + Western Neoplatonism. - Ibn Khaldun s statements in his conception at the cyclic series of civilizations, says that: luxurious results in the elevating of civilization (because the folk look for comforts of lifestyles) but additionally luxurious ends up in the decay of civilization (because its correlation with the corruption of ethics). - nevertheless, there s the tactic of absent through current syllogism in jurisprudence, during which we discover an analogous rules and legislation of neutrosophy. - actually, we will additionally functionality loads of Arabic aphorisms, maxims, Koranic miracles (Ayat Al-Qur'??n) and Sunna of the prophet, to help the speculation of neutrosophy. Take the colloquial proverb that 'The continuance of kingdom is very unlikely' too, or 'Everything, if it s elevated over its severe, it's going to flip over to its opposite'!

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But, , as a whole in itself, has the tendency to homogenize its content, and then to de-homogenize by mixture with other ideas. And so on, until the previous gets to a point where it paradoxically incorporates the entire , being indistinct of the whole. And this is the point where the idea dies, can not be distinguished from others. The Whole breaks down, because the motion is characteristic to it, in a plurality of new ideas (some of them containing grains of the original ), which begin their life in a similar way.

7 i) Law of Prescribed Condition: One cannot jump out of own limits. ) j) Law of Particular Ideational Gravitation: Every idea attracts and rejects other idea with a force directly proportional with the product of their neutrosophic measures and the exponential of their distance. (By opposition to the modern restatement of Newton's law of gravitation of particles of matter, the distance influences directly - not indirectly - proportional: the more opposite (distanced) ideas, the stronger attraction) From Philosophy to Neutrosophy 27 k) Law of Universal Ideational Gravitation: tends towards (not as Hegel said), and reciprocally.

Human is dependent and independent in the same time. I understand spirit as quality, and material as quantity. Of course, they melt. I see truth like a body, an object with a form. I see material as a dense/condensed spirit, a viscous idea. The structure of ideas reflects the structure of objects. And reciprocally. In the mind-body problem: The mental phenomenon is of physical nature, and the physical phenomenon of mental as well. Neohegelians: Reconciliation of contraries (Bradley), or irreconciliation of contraries (Wahl)?

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