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This publication examines the interval prime as much as the Hong Kong handover in 1997 - the 'countdown of time', and by utilizing iconic cultural symbols akin to the countdown clock, the Hong Kong Museum exhibitions and cultural historical past websites, argues that China has passed through a transition to neoliberal kingdom, partially via its reunification with Hong Kong. the matter of synchronization with the area, a chinese language word that epitomizes China's engagement with sleek capitalism because the first Opium battle, was once characterised during the twentieth century as a 'humiliation', 'weakness', 'tragedy' and 'disaster', with China within the position of the sufferer of capitalist globalization. throughout the reunification with Hong Kong, those traditional expressions have been changed by means of new ones resembling 'de-humiliation', 'return', 'self-esteem' and 'revival'. Hai Ren offers an ethnographic and ancient research of this cultural and political transformation of China's globalization adventure by way of taking a look heavily at public historical past practices in mainland China and Hong Kong and the way the reconfiguration of way of life and cultural norms ended in the advance of this neoliberal China. As a ebook which straddles chinese language and Hong Kong, background, politics, cultural history and museum stories extra in most cases, it may be considered as a piece of cultural political economic climate with a purpose to entice scholars and students of the entire above.

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First, after the first Opium War (1840–1842), the Treaty of Nanjing (1842) ceded Britain Hong Kong Island. Next, after the second Opium War (1856–1860), Britain forced the Qing government to sign the Treaty of Beijing (1860), giving Britain the Kowloon Peninsula and Stonecutters Island. Finally, Britain leased the New Territories (the area north of Kowloon up to the Shenzhen River as well as 235 islands) through the Extension of the Colony treaty (1898), which granted a ninety-nine-year lease set to expire in 1997.

This required a radical reconfiguration of the sovereign relationship between the state and the people, as well as modifications of economic, social, and political relations constrained by this new state–people configuration. The Chinese government’s rejection of Maoist practices in the late 1970s reflected a concern for the new state–people relationship. Anything that was not socialist could only be treated as an exception. The restoration of the normative order of the state could not be completed without planting something as an exception to Maoist socialism.

12 Meanwhile, the potential for the PRC to benefit from Hong Kong’s rapid industrial development was the pragmatic basis for the Chinese government’s policy toward Hong Kong. As the PRC acquired more prominent international status in the early 1970s, the government began actively to address the Hong Kong question. In 1971, when the communist government of the mainland replaced the nationalist government of Taiwan at the United Nations, it also became the only legitimate government of China and the only one that could deal with the Hong Kong question on behalf of the Chinese people.

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