New PDF release: National Front in France: Ideology, Discourse and Power

By Peter Davies

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This provocative and non-polemic research explores the worth approach of the nationwide entrance circulation in France, and explains the best way the movement's ideology has been formulated and articulated within the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties. additionally discussing the the most important position of Le Pen, this publication presents a desirable enquiry into the main arguable political occasion in modern France.

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110 There is, finally, a monarchist family within the FN. The most celebrated monarchist in the upper echelons of the party is George-Paul Wagner. 111 It would be wrong, however, to totally play down the influence of monarchists inside the FN, mainly because there is an important overlap between catholic and monarchist factions. There is a significant convergence in ideas here, and both groups – particularly the royalists – have exploited the opportunity to spread ideas and infiltrate a republican formation like the FN.

Since then the clarity of the FN position has sharpened. In the 1980s the party’s virulent anti- The contours of FN nationalism 23 Americanism coexisted with its paranoid fear of Soviet communism, and as a consequence it has talked far more exclusively about Europe as a bloc on its own. 43 It is important to stress that the FN has always been hostile to any notion of federalism – preferring instead the idea of a loosely confederal Europe. 44 It is here that the FN has revealed its attachment to the idea of a European confederation.

72 The elites at the top of the party are various; there is certainly not just one monolithic head. Of course Le Pen is the titular president, and in his own personal vocabulary he must attempt to reflect and synthesise the main currents of thought within the party. This, however, is a difficult task as the FN, by common consent, is a synthesis: extremely heterogeneous in terms of both leadership and membership. 73 While most writers are agreed that the FN is, at root, a coalition of varied political interests, there is no real consensus as to what these interests are.

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