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By Abelson J.N. (ed.), Simon M.E. (ed.), Gottesman M.M. (ed.)

Suggestions had to isolate mutant mobilephone traces and to take advantage of the mutants to clone and map the genes are provided intimately. this can be the 1st publication during which such method and molecular biology are combined.The most popular mobilephone traces for genetic research are provided within the first part, through specified thoughts for separating a variety of mutants. the rest of the booklet is dedicated to genetic mapping and cloning of mutant genes. the ultimate part offers precise suggestions in gene rules.

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14C. M. Spolsky and J. M. Eisenstadt, FEBSLett. 25, 319 (1972). 5 X 10-s(2) 1006(360) 1005(444) 10-6(308) 10-6(180) 10-6(100) a Frequency of ouabain- or colchicine-resistant colonies per cell assayed. Numbers in parentheses indicate actual number of mutant colonies scored. b Oua r, Ouabain-resistant colonies. c Ch r, Colchicine-resistant colonies. d Frorn Baker et al? s e Not tested 1. Harvest exponentially growing cells and inoculate approximately 106 cells in each 100-mm dish. 2. ) in PBS or serum-free medium to the culture to give a final concentration in the range of 100-250/~g/ml for HeLa (CCL 2) cells and KB cells, which are now thought to be HeLa, and incubate at 37 ° for 1 6 - 24 hr.

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