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By Jeremy W. Dale (Author), Simon F. Park (Author)

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The Fourth variation of this hugely profitable publication offers a necessary creation to the molecular genetics of micro organism. completely revised and up-to-date, Molecular Genetics of micro organism now incorporates a a lot larger assurance of genomics, microarrays and proteomics. An more desirable remedy of the ways that either classical and glossy genetics have contributed to our realizing of ways micro organism paintings is integrated. the focal point of the e-book is still firmly on micro organism and should be helpful to these scholars learning microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and comparable biomedical sciences. increased remedy of the improvement of bacterial buildings, mobile communique, quorum sensing and two-component regulation.Provides a distillation of key innovations of bacterial genetics to augment scholar understanding.Includes examples of the functions of genetics targeting bacterial pathogenicity.

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These are known as synonymous codons. 3 UGA Stop UAA Stop Codons arising by single base substitutions from UUA 42 MOLECULAR GENETICS OF BACTERIA original leucine (they are all hydrophobic amino acids). Phenylalanine (UUU or UUC codons) is also hydrophobic but is more likely to cause a significant change in the structure of the protein at that point. The significance of the change to UCA, resulting in the substitution of serine (which is considerably different) for leucine will depend on the role played by that amino acid (and its neighbours) in the overall function or conformation of the protein.

For example, the mutation may confer temperature sensitivity on the product of the gene concerned. 1 Genetic nomenclature There is a standard system for naming bacterial genes and their products. In all cases, three letter abbreviations are used; a list of gene designations used in this book will be found in Appendix E. e. not italics), with the initial letter in upper case; a suffix is often added to clarify the nature of the defect. For example: Ampr means the strain is resistant to ampicillin HisÀ denotes a histidine auxotroph LacÀ indicates inability to ferment lactose Note the possible confusion that can arise between mutants of the second and third types.

This hemimethylated DNA is refractory to the initiation of replication, and thus the newly replicated origin will not be available for another initiation event until the second strand has been methylated. 13 Binding of DnaA protein to DnaA boxes at oriC. The DnaA protein binds to several sites (DnaA boxes) at the origin of replication; wrapping the DNA around the bound DnaA helps to separate the strands, enabling the initiation of replication NUCLEIC ACID STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION 19 1. 4 DNA repair In addition to the measures described earlier which enhance the fidelity of replication, the cell also possesses mechanisms to correct damaged DNA.

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