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By James P. Hogan

ISBN-10: 0671318446

ISBN-13: 9780671318444

During this modest SF-mystery hybrid, set on Mars circa the twenty second century, Kieran Thane (aka the Knight), a kind of futuristic Saint or Travis McGee, and his girl spouse, June, who's now not really a whole associate yet greater than a sidekick, take on the secret of a teleportation scan long gone fallacious. rather than teleporting, the method duplicates the person, with unlucky effects for one of many scientists concerned, Dr. Leo Sarda. One Dr. Sarda is left with holes in his reminiscence, whereas the opposite places a gap in his double's checking account. the path leads Thane and June to high-powered company shenanigans, which threaten to wreck via improvement invaluable archeological websites which can carry a clue to the destiny of the vanished Martian race. as well as utilizing biotechnology to salary mental battle opposed to the company meanies, the Knight has to conceal himself as a mystic, the Khal of Tadzhikstan, and rent a few undeniable outdated actual weaponry and its wielders. An amiable mutt named Guinness, half Lab, half Doberman, lends a few canines curiosity. This light-weight page-turner, which calls for a definite tolerance for expository lumps, libertarian preaching and Gods from Outer area, won't make new converts for Hogan (The Proteus Operation; Endgame Enigma; etc). in spite of the fact that, the author's useful dealing with of a couple of common subject matters within the SF experience type will greater than fulfill demonstrated fanatics.

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