Magnetic Susceptibility of Nitric Oxide at 296grad K and - download pdf or read online

By Bitter F.

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The E(ti,£i;q) are solutions evaluated at the same locations and times from the simulation using the full set of parameter values q. , see [PSS84, GW65, Bor99, BK89b] and the numerous references contained therein). We note two nontrivial difficulties with this approach and propose solutions, the efficacy of which will be demonstrated in the particular implementation discussed in this monograph. The unknown location of part of the boundary creates computational challenges. During the course of an iterative optimization procedure, simulations will be repeated many times for different locations of the unknown part of the boundary of 0.

To avoid the oscillatory nature of the objective function, a different optimization criterion is used in the second step. , return times after the pulse has reflected back from the unknown supraconductive-backed part of the boundary) of pulsed signals through media of varying geometry with the observed data secondary return times. A global optimization for improved estimation of all parameters is then attempted in a third step using the estimates of the geometry and the prior estimate of the dielectric parameters as initial estimates.

For the acoustooptic problem, we will amend this geometry slightly by adding a second homogeneous layer. Under these assumptions, it is easy to argue that the electric field is parallel to the ? axis at all points in fio (the region external to the slab) and that the magnetic field is always parallel to j. Furthermore, these fields are homogeneous in intensity in the x and y directions. 3. In our problem, the electric flux density D and polarization P inherit this uniform directional property from E and hence will be denoted hereafter by their scalar magnitudes D and P in the i direction.

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