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"The Rice Genetics assortment" of previous symposia and different chosen literature comprises approximately 4,400 pages of searchable info on rice genetics and cytogenetics released via the IRRI and its companions when you consider that 1964. as well as the 5 genetics symposia held at 5-year periods seeing that 1985, the gathering includes vintage guides that kicked off major reporting on those matters within the early Sixties.

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The supply of more and more refined info on our genetic make-up offers members, and society as an entire, with tricky judgements. even though it is was hoping that those advances will eventually cleared the path to the potent remedy and screening of all illnesses with a genetic part, at the moment a lot of people fret over the data that they have got or will improve an incurable genetic affliction.

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Anaphylaxis. Increased reactivity of the whole body following a repeated antigenic stimulus. It results from the release of pharmacologically active agents usually following interaction of an antigen with specific antibody 'fixed' to tissue cells via an Fe receptor (see ALLERGY). Reactions are very rapid (classed as immediate hypersensitivity) and can be local as well as systemic. anastral mitosis. MITOSIS in dividing cells involving SPINDLE formation without apparent centrioles or asters. Such mitosis occurs normally in cells of higher plants.

ADP (adenosine diphosphate). NUCLEOTIDE composed Of ADENINE, RIBOSE and two phosphate groups. It is an important coenzyme and can undergo further phosphorylation to yield ATP, which is the prime energy-rich intermediate in cellular metabolism. The phosphorylation of ADP to ATP OCCUrS within MITOCHONDRIA, and ADPfATP ratios and levels within the cell help to determine rates of ANABOLISM and CATABOLISM. adrenaline (epinephrine). HORMONE secreted by the chromaffin tissue of the mammalian adrenal medulla following stimulation by stress conditions, such as pain, fear and muscular activity.

Anopheline larvae have POLYTENE CHROMOSOMES within the cells of their salivary glands. anther culture. Technique whereby HAPLOID plants are produced from pollen, following the induction of embryo formation. It is particularly successful in Gramineae and Solanaceae. antheridium. Male gametangium, gameteproducing structure, of bryophytes, algae, fungi and pteridophytes. It often consists of a stalked structure with a globular head containing the gametes. antherozoid (spermatozoid). Motile male gamete of fungi and many lower plants, such as algae, bryophytes and a few gymnosperms.

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