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By Paul A. Rahe

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The importance of Machiavelli's political considering for the advance of recent republicanism is an issue of significant controversy. This reassessment examines the nature of Machiavelli's personal republicanism by way of charting his impact on Marchamont Nedham, James Harrington, John Locke, Algernon Sidney, John Trenchard, Thomas Gordon, David Hume, the baron de Montesquieu, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. Concluding that even supposing Machiavelli himself was once now not liberal, Paul Rahe argues that he did, still, set the degree for the emergence of liberal republicanism in England.

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P1: GDZ 0521851874prepro xlvi CUNY090-Rahe 0 521 85187 4 September 24, 2005 17:54 Markus Fischer and the Senate, alarmed by the possibility of losing military manpower, granted the plebs the right to elect their own representatives, the tribunes of the plebs, who were inviolable and had the authority to intercede with magisterial action in order to protect the people from transgression. 7). But longevity is not an end in itself for Machiavelli. He esteems the stability of the mixed regime because it allows for freedom: “The common utility that is drawn from a free way of life .

Hamilton did have one thing in common with the Florentine, and it distinguished him from his American critics and helps explain the quarrels in which he became enmeshed: He believed it inevitable that the nation be entangled in wars, and he paid extremely close attention to the necessities thereby imposed and to the difficulties that a self-governing people face when confronted with the clash of arms. One consequence of his conviction that war could not simply be sidestepped is that, in the course of the Revolutionary War and its aftermath, Hamilton came to believe that, to be viable in modern times, a republic must be led by an energetic, unitary executive – a veritable republican prince – charged with organizing and conducting the national defense.

1), that is, an office that acts forcefully against individuals or groups that seek to usurp public authority. 2) – as was the case in Rome after the establishment of the tribunes of the plebs. While freedom is a good treasured by Machiavelli, he seems to love greatness or glory even more. 1). 1). The classical republican writers believed that the various parts of a mixed regime ought to be held together by concord and friendship. 1). The ancients regarded these conflicts as major defects in the Roman regime.

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