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By Nancy L. Rosenblum

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Offers the techniques of 12 in demand students who're re-drawing the map of liberalism. In essays that transcend the standard defence of liberalism in response to ethical scepticism or the potential for studying impartial ideas, those writers think of percentages for reinventing liberal inspiration.

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But one cannot rest on this or any other na­ turalistic fallacy. Liberals can begin with cruelty as the primary evil only if they go beyond their well -grounded assumption that almost all people fear it and would evade it if they could. If the prohibition of cruelty can be universalized and recognized as a necessary condition of the dignity of persons, then it can become a principle of political morality. This could also be achieved by asking whether the prohi­ bition would benefit the vast majority of human beings in meeting their known needs and wants .

10 Women, whether or not they also work for pay, continue to perform far more of the unpaid labor of families than men. 1 1 It is equally clear that this has a considerable effect on their success and security in the world of wage-work, on their capacity to be economically self-supporting, and thence on their bargaining power within the family. Thus, the still heavily gendered structure of family life affects the relative positions of men and women in the "public" world outside, which in turn reverberate within the family.

That is why any government must use the threat of punishment, though liberalism looks upon this as an unavoidable evil, to be controlled in its scope and modified by legally enforced rules of fairness, so that arbitrariness not be added to the minimum of fear required for law enforcement. That this formulation owes something to Kant's philosophy of law is evident, but the liberalism of fear does not rest on his or any other moral philosophy in its entirety. 9 It must in fact remain eclectic. What the liberalism of fear owes to Locke is also obvious: that.

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