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The publication rediscovers liberal modernity because the grasp strategy and vacation spot of Western civilization, and its anti-liberal adversaries, particularly conservatism, because the ghosts of a useless earlier. The anti-liberal rumors of the useless of liberalism are drastically exaggerated.

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Notably, the liberal synthesis and synergy of liberty and equality originates and exists within a sociological-historical framework. In historical terms, the principle of liberty deſning theoretical liberalism as ideology can, as Mannheim (1986: 91) suggests and stresses, “only be understood in conjunction with its complement, the idea of equality” and so ideological egalitarianism. By assumption, this holds true of the social system of freedom in turn deſning institutional liberalism in association with the practice of equality and so practical egalitarianism.

Of these the last meaning seems particularly relevant, typical or integral to liberalism’s subsequently prevailing and general meaning of “liberty” 8 Kloppenberg (1998: 6–14) comments that historically “liberal” has meant both “generosity” since the 14th and “tolerance” since the 18th century and suggests that “no static portrait or deſnition of liberalism would be accurate for all times even in [America]”. For example, Adam Smith and other 18th century writers still use “liberal” in the meaning of generosity (“liberal expence”, “liberal reward”, “profuse liberality”) or “liberality” as near synonymous with “magniſcence” and “magnanimity”.

E. “freedom” and “freeing”, within Western societies, with the predictable exception of America owing to conservative pejorative misconstructions of “liberal[s]” in almost opposite terms, viz. “big government”, “control”, etc. In Weber’s words, liberalism in a certain historical period and society such as the Enlightenment-deſned late 18th century and Western civilization since that time represents and functions as a “pure ideal type” of liberty or freedom (used interchangeably), liberation or freeing from various illiberal social forces and “signs of illiberty”, including religious and other tradition.

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