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By Leslie Langtry

ISBN-10: 1428506977

ISBN-13: 9781428506978

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Ronnie narrowed her eyes and it sort of turned me on. Hell, everything she did turned me on lately. I might even throw my first match just to spend the rest of the festival naked in her arms—I was that desperate. “Fine. If we see him, we can make some plans for lunch or something. ” I was grateful when she accepted this with a smile and we continued working. However, I had the sneaking suspicion it was far from over. This book is dedicated to my husband, Tom. Cy is modeled, as are almost all my heroes, on him.

You don’t see many in this line of work. I felt a twinge of nostalgia for the ivory tower. ” I stepped past her and admitted more kids to the ride. ” Veronica jumped back as if she hadn’t noticed the people around her. “Um, fine. ” She paused for a second, as if her central nervous system had failed her. Finally she turned around and marched off. Hmmm. A sheltered little thing with no life experience and plenty of attitude. How could I possibly resist? And who was I to stand in the way of a fellow academic and her quest for knowledge?

What a loser. I wished all my vics fell so easily. He was heavy, but I managed to get him to the low fence at least before he rallied and decided he didn’t fancy a swim. The son of a bitch landed a pretty strong kick to my shin, and it stopped me in my tracks long enough for him to rise to his feet. Good. It would be much easier to shove him over the railing if he was standing. With a running start I barreled into his abdomen with my shoulder and he went over like a Slinky. I didn’t wait to see what happened.

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