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19a). 19b). Note, by the way, that in Swedish there is a tendency to leave out the prenominal determiner in front of an adjective in the superlative, presumably because the reference of the nominal phrase as a whole is then determined by αP. 19) a. b. SG greatest-W interesse(*-t). SG greatest-W interest(*-DEF) direct-PASS to All-svensk-an. 20) are included to show that we also get the specific/ nonspecific contrast with mass nouns. Hence, countability is not relevant to the phenomenon we are looking at.

The reason why I represent N and NP as separate levels is that I want to show that the nominal head moves to Num without dragging along other constituents inside NP, if there are any. I use a similar notation in other places in this work, but it should not be interpreted as a suggestion that an element cannot be both minimal and maximal at the same time (cf. Chomsky 1995). DEFINITE DPS 29 Recall that D already agrees with n. 4) is to merge nP and D. 2 Blocking of nP-movement In DPs containing adjectives, numerals, or weak quantifiers, overt movement of nP to Spec-DP is blocked.

In these cases, the adjective is obligatory, and moreover, it must be a scalar adjective representing the upper end of the scale. A notable semantic property of the construction is that it is nevertheless the opposite end of the scale that is implied. I show in (ii) that (ib) becomes ungrammatical if the adjective lang “long” is replaced by kort “short”, as in (iia), and also if the negation is left out, as in (iib). If there is no negation, or if the adjective does not represent the upper end of a scale, an ordinary indefinite DP must be used, as in (iic) and (iid).

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