Michael Swan, David Baker's Grammar Scan: Answer Key PDF

By Michael Swan, David Baker

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London: Routledge. 190–218. Boersma, Paul & David Weenink. 2007. 14) [Computer program]. org/]. Bullokar, 1580. The Amendment of Orthography for English Speech. Facsimile No. 24 in The English Experience: Its record in early printed books published in facsimile. Amsterdam and New York: DaCapo Press and Theatrum Orbis Terrarum Ltd. 1968. Bybee, Joan, & Paul Hopper. 2001. Editors. Frequency and the Emergence of Linguistic Structure. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Dental fricatives and stops in Germanic  Campbell, Ruth & Derek Besner.

This is similar to generalizations that have taken place in other fricatives, such as the divergence of two lexical items, of and off, from Proto-Germanic *af, and the more recent devoicing of /v/ in the phrase have to, which has become lexicalized for a few young speakers, even to the point of developing new forms such as “hafing to” (Joseph 1992). While the written difference between /f/ and /v/ may impact how well these new forms are received, there are no such limitations on re-categorization of 〈th〉.

If the instability is resolved (perhaps temporarily), then that chapter of sound change may be closed, though if something else in the system changes, it may again become unstable. This is why languages are continually in a state of flux. “Stability” is very transitory, as phonetic variation will always continue to accumulate and the dynamics of the language will change, creating new pressures within the system, and new challenges for the speaker’s mind to sort out. This gives historical linguists an important opportunity to prove our relevance to 21st century linguistics.

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