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Mass trauma and violence: Helping families and children cope (pp. 234–255). New York: Guilford Press. Fassler, J. (1987). Helping children cope: Mastering stress through books and stories. New York: Free Press. Fick, A. , Osofsky, J. , & Lewis, M. L. (1994). Perceptions of violence: Children, parents, and police officers. In R. S. ), Posttraumatic stress disorder: A clinical review (pp. 261–276). Lutherville, MD: Sidram Press. Freud, A. (1965). Normality and pathology in childhood. New York: International Universities Press.

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Amnesias AmD; DA; DID C4. Diminished interest in activities MD; PsyD C5. Detachment or estrangement from others Dep; PsyD; SUD; ScPD C6. , P, Sch) C7. Sense of foreshortened future/pessimistic outlook MD D1. Sleep disturbance Anxiety and mood disorders in general; ADHD; Med; SUD or sub. use; Sch; SD D2. Irritability or outbursts of anger ADHD; CD; GAD; ODD; SUD; MD D3. Poor concentration ADHD; Dys; GAD; MD; ME D4. Hypervigilance, excessive fear, or frozen watchfulness OCD; Pan; Ph; RAD; SAD D5.

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